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SAAM is a startup company founded by former fortune 100 company executives, and entrepreneurs with exit experience.

Company Information
(855) 405-7773
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2018

Company Description

SAAM is a Smart Home company focused on the development of health and safety products. The SAAM S-Series of devices measures, in trace concentration, chemical changes in the air inside the home or building, indicative of smoke, fire, gasses, alerting up to 400% faster than existing smoke and fire alarms. The S-Series of devices also measures air quality by monitoring for levels of particulate matter and harmful chemicals – such as CO, CO2 and several Volatile Organic Compounds. The SC4 is a ceiling hard wired device, and the SP4 is a portable table-top device; both devices have an intake fan allowing for the continuous monitoring of air. the S-Series is smart, with AI/IoT/Big Data capabilities within the technology.