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The world's most powerful sales cycle automation solution, native to, to help your teams sell more effectively.

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Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2013

Company Description

At Salesvue, we understand that sales is about hitting your number and that is getting harder and harder to do. To reach your customers and prospects before it’s too late, your teams must work smarter and faster. However, activity without insight doesn’t move the needle.

The true recipe for success is knowing when the right sales activities are executed at the right time with the right velocity and quantity to accelerate pipeline growth. Salesvue provides visibility and process from the pre-pipeline phases of your sales cycle all the way through closed won by delivering what we call the Math of Sales.

Our Math of Sales solution organizes, measures and guides sales activities to successful outcomes, all the while giving you, real-time, quantitative insight into every phase of your sales cycle so you can see what’s working and what’s not.With our patented algorithms, we automatically track, manage and correlate every activity and outcome at every stage of your sales cycle. Not one transaction is missed. Nothing slips through the cracks.

In real-time, from a single screen, you see how many activities translate into a sales interaction, how many of those interactions create a conversion and how many conversions does it take to create an opportunity. And, most importantly, of all, how many of all those activities and in what ratios does it take to drive more revenue.