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Schneider Geospatial

A Mira Award winner for providing cutting edge and industry leading solutions to local and state governments across the US.

Mira Awards

2015 Tech Services Award
2016 Corporate Innovator of the Year

Company Information
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 1962

Company Description

Schneider Geospatial provides innovative, industry-leading solutions to help organizations get the most from their limited resources, with creative product solutions such as Beacon™/™ (local government information for the web), GeoPermits™ (cloud-based permitting and workflow management), Agland™ (automates the calculating process for agricultural assessments), and IDAM™ (web-based solution assessing disaster damage) to name a few. A market leader, Schneider Geospatial works with over 20% of local governments in the US.

A two-time Mira Award winner for corporate innovator of the year, as well as for providing cutting edge and industry-leading solutions to local and state governments across the US; "The Mira Awards judges were impressed by the level of modernization and scalability that Schneider is bringing to local governments, and the tremendous time and cost savings they are offering citizens, taxpayers, and their government representatives.