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SensorHound™ develops advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics solution for the Internet of Things.

Company Information
West Lafayette, IN
Founded in 2012

Company Description

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves networks of wireless embedded devices with sensing and/or control capabilities. The IoT is the enabling technology behind next generation applications such as smart grids, energy-efficient buildings, high-precision agriculture, home automation, smart manufacturing, and smart healthcare. Reliability and security of the IoT are paramount to these applications. Companies worldwide spend over $1 Billion to handle IoT failures in the field and the major factor for this high cost is the lack of automating tools. Existing automating tools for traditional computer systems like laptops or servers are inapplicable due to stringent resource constraints found in the IoT.
SensorHound™ offers IoT-specific software products and services that can significantly reduce development and operational costs of IoT. Our software products automatically detect failures, security vulnerabilities and performance issues in the field as well as provide detailed information to quickly diagnose the root cause. Our solutions are based on award-winning and patent-pending technology developed over 10 years by leading researchers from Purdue University.