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Through proprietary shipping insights and analytics, ShipSigma helps companies negotiate and maintain lower costs with major carriers.

Company Information
(800) 248-7192
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2018

Company Description

ShipSigma is a tech-driven services company focused on providing parcel spend management technology and proprietary data to optimize costs for enterprise and middle-market customers. We developed Sigma, an award-winning cloud application that guarantees spend reduction and carrier compliance by leveraging artificial intelligence and proprietary data to improve carrier contracts and operational efficiency.

ShipSigma offers a no-risk and high reward opportunity for companies to become more profitable by lowering their shipping costs. Prior to becoming a customer, our team will perform a complimentary analysis of your historical shipping data to determine what your respective cost reduction will be. We import and analyze your current invoices using our proprietary cost modeling software and highlight cost-saving opportunities for your business. Our automated tools work together to deliver refunds back to UPS and Fedex shipping accounts so your team can focus on what they do best.