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ShuffleMe helps health practitioners understand which social media content have impacted their patients mood by tracking passive data.

Company Information
(561) 283-6222
Bloomington, IN
Founded in 2018

Company Description

ShuffleMe is a predictive software app that provides automatic mood tracking by analyzing facial expressions against social media activity to enable users of how and which social media content have impacted their mood. No more manual mood tracking! Our services track behavior, analyzes the data then provides back the data to both, users and their health practitioner. We offer a new way to approach health management. Our mission is to increase happiness and help users have a healthier relationship with social media. This is a $200B mental health crisis.

Health practitioners benefit from the data analytics that our software provides to their patients for earlier intervention, including warning signs of depression or mood decline due to social media engagement. Our software is designed to complement the treatment and help inform care decisions. ShuffleMe provides powerful data to influence self-directed behavioral change, and increase self-awareness. Our services are suitable for those who want to detect and monitor behavior.