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Slice Content Technologies, Inc.

Slice is a B2B SaaS company that makes productivity software for thinkers, researchers, and writers. We value humility and respect.

Company Information
(260) 740-8501
Fort Wayne, IN
Founded in 2019

Company Description

When writing, two billion people rely on the glorified typewriter that was designed more than 40 years ago. The workflow hasn't changed, either - we chase files, information, and people all over the place.

People who write for work, school, or fun deserve a sophisticated software studio, much like other professionals get (eg, graphic artists).

Slice is a workbench for writers and teams who articulate ideas. Its organizing principle is a project - not a computer file - and it helps them write content, collect research, and manage projects in one place.

Customers say its best feature is the focus and flow they experience when using Slice. Users report a 10X increase in productivity.