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Answering the need of protecting school students from cyberbullying. It was created to monitor student activity on social media sites.

Company Information
Plainfield, IN
Founded in 2011

Company Description

SNW is a cloud based software application that scans for research based phrases in its data base. Social media posts are scanned by a patented triple pass system and once a phrase is located, an alert is sent to the client in real time. Phrases pertain to cyberbullying, suicide and violence protect students at schools. This has the potential to save the lives of students suffering from cyberbullying or contemplating a tragic event. Students may carry on with their normal social media activity without interruption and their privacy is protected. The product has moved to other vertical markets: for businesses, it prevents disclosure of sensitive intellectual property or compliance information; for probation / parole, it watches over sexual offenders, protects those with protective orders, etc.