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Targamite LLC

TARGAMITE produces the Targabot® - the world's first portable, user-programmable robotic target system.

Company Information
Fort Wayne, IN
Founded in 2011

Company Description

TARGAMITE is a robotics company producing advanced tactical training platforms – including the Targabot®, the world’s first portable, computer-controlled target system offering both predictable and unpredictable behavioral characteristics. It comes with multiple, remote-activated factory modes of operation, or you can easily program it how you like with our free Graphic Sequencer. We have combined a standard target with programmable robotics to build muscle memory in your shooting skills that will translate into confidence and effectiveness in the field. Our Targabot® is used by the armed forces, law enforcement, tactical trainers, commercial ranges and advanced shooting communities worldwide. This advanced technology is perfect for any shooter who wants a more challenging and engaging target shooting experience that could potentially pay dividends in an increasingly unpredictable environment.