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Techshot, Inc.

Techshot provides all the equipment and services its customers require to perform research and manufacturing in space.

Company Information
(812) 728-8136
Greenville, IN
Founded in 1988

Company Description

Founded in 1988, Techshot is one sense a dry goods merchant for the 21st century – providing the high tech picks and shovels that federal, institutional and industrial researchers use to make new life and physical science discoveries in space.

Techshot handles all aspects of a space research campaign for its customers. From the design and manufacture of spaceflight certified research hardware, to the integration of the hardware and its science payload onboard SpaceX rockets and the International Space Station, the company is a one-stop soup-to-nuts solutions provider. Its Space Act Agreement with NASA permits the company to commercially operate its equipment aboard the station.

Techshot is headquartered in Greenville, Ind., and also maintains an office and lab at the Space Life Science Laboratory at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.