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TeleMed 2020, Inc.

TeleMed 2020 provides SaaS solutions. Our Enform Platform is a telemedicine application of our technology that improves health outcomes.

Company Information

Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2016

Company Description

TeleMed 2020, Inc. is a technology company in the telehealth space. We are committed to driving patient engagement and transforming the delivery of care.

Enfrorm™, our cloud-based SaaS remote patient monitoring platform, allows clinician scheduling and patient sharing of critical information yielding a higher level of transparency, engagement, and active care plan management. On the patient side, our platform features easy to use software and Bluetooth connected medical sensors. Patient reminders, clinician alerts, medication compliance, patient education, video conferencing, messaging, and schedule management are integral to our offering.

Integrated into your process, the Clinician portal is the epicenter of a platform established for active management of recently discharged or chronic care individuals. Our system is flexible yet simple to use and facilitates patient compliance and generation of actionable insights required to manage individuals in remote locations, including the home, skilled care facilities, and assisted living facilities.

We believe that technology is an enabler. We believe that simplicity is elegant. We believe that good design creates engagement. We strive to understand and provide solutions that address your challenges. We believe that a continuous flow of insights foster understanding, stimulates conversations and interactions that transform the delivery of care. We are committed to partnerships that promote Ageing in Place and improved outcomes.

TeleMed2020, Inc. is an Indianapolis, Indiana company founded in 2016. Contact us at