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The Mako Group

Cybersecurity, risk, audit and advisory firm that uses industry standards and leading practices to provide customized, high quality work.

Company Information
Carmel, Indiana
Founded in 2009

Company Description

The Mako Group has been knocking the socks off our customers since 2009. Based in Indianapolis with offices in Chicago, Detroit and Fort Wayne - our specialized team of senior auditors and account managers aim to create long lasting relationships built on trust.

We specialize in Auditing, Risk Assessments, SOX Auditing/Testing and Penetration Testing for mid to large-sized businesses in the fields of Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Financial, Legal and more. Everything we do is designed to achieve the highest level of security and audit standards, beyond examiner and regulatory minimums. The outcome: providing the highest quality audits/tests/assessments, using industry standards (NIST, FFIEC, ISACA, COBIT, ISO) and best practices. The Mako Group does this because it makes our clients more secure, and because it just makes sense. This approach saves our clients time, headaches and money in the long run.

As you might imagine, it’s not easy to assemble a team or structure that can accomplish this. Since our inception, we knew to be the best at what we do requires Senior-level staffing. Putting these standards in place is how The Mako Group differentiates itself. This approach just makes sense for both parties. We strive to be the best at what we do, and in order to achieve this, we have to employ the best.