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Valve+Meter Performance Marketing

At Valve+Meter, we believe in accountable marketing and delivering transformational results to our clients.

Company Information
(317) 979-5882
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2017

Company Description

The business value of marketing is not noise, impressions, or even leads. Those are all indicators of varying merit, but they’re not what really matters. What matters is customer acquisition; how many strangers become customers, at what rate, and at what cost.

At Valve+Meter, we think success for your business is not built on a specific marketing channel or tactic. You’re not going to grow your business simply with a new website or because you do the right things with your search engine optimization (SEO) or content. Success comes from an overarching strategy, supported by tests of individual components.

We manage two core variables with you: the flow of new business and the cost of each increment of new business. The “Valve” manages the appropriate rate of new business for your operations capacity. We set our pricing on the “Metered” results we generate, not the activities we pursue.

Our suite of marketing services is based upon the concept of tests. Each test–across all paid, owned and earned media touchpoints–is designed to capture buyer intent across the customer journey. Through fully integrated, personalized campaigns and experiences, we turn this intent into conversions (and then into revenue).