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Manufacturing focused company offering incredibly accuracy optical scanning and photogrammetry based services for full field inspection, rap

Company Information
Carmel, IN
Founded in 2015

Company Description

Manufacturing research driven company dedicated to revitalizing US manufacturing through the use of cutting edge technologies. There’s a lot of buzz around 3D printing, but how about 3D measurement? VantagePoint offers metrology grade optical scanning capabilities with accuracy’s down into the sub-micron level to generate very accurate point clouds. This data is very useful with full field inspection, adaptive machining, and even illustration and animation purposes. Data can also be directly sent to a 3D printer for make an exact replica of your widget.
VantagePoint also provides machining research capabilities. Most manufacturing shops have updated to high-speed milling machines, but they are not being optimized to run efficiently.

VantagePoint is one 4 companies in the US offering machine dynamics testing and process setup. High speed spindles give the illusion that you can just cut faster, but not without understanding of the dynamic behavior of your tooling and component setup. With our software we can quickly determine dynamic trouble spots to avoid, and offer safe cutting feeds/speeds to increase material removal rates while increasing tool life.
I spent 10 years as an engineer for Rolls-Royce where I spent most of my time in manufacturing research and development. There I worked with many of the top manufacturing research centers in the UK and US, looking for new ideas and technologies to incorporate into our manufacturing facilities. Now I take that same passion and approach to offer some of the top technologies discovered during that time to our local manufacturing community.