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Vasc-Alert, LLC

Vasc-Alert, LLC was formed in 2002. FDA clearance was obtained in 2003, 2004

Company Information
(765) 202-1055
West Lafayette, IN
Founded in 2002

Company Description

The Vasc-Alert technology was developed at Henry Ford Health Systems in Detroit under the inspiration of Dr. Anatole Besarab. Dr. Besarab had been pursuing a better method of vascular access surveillance for many years because existing surveillance devices took too much time to perform the test and allowed user error. Development efforts focused on detecting stenosis by determining the intra-access pressure which increased with the buildup of an occlusion.
Working with the engineers at HFHS, the breakthrough idea was to derive the intra-access pressure from the data recorded in the treatment record, i.e., the drip chamber pressure, pump speed, and MAP. The advantage of this approach is that:
• it uses data already being recorded in the medical record, which eliminated the need for staff to test the access,
• it can test the access every time the patient has a treatment, providing clinical staff with trending information,
• and because it is all driven by data, it is highly accurate, eliminating any user influence.
Vasc-Alert, LLC was formed in 2002 to commercialize this new surveillance technology. FDA clearance was obtained in 2003, and the first customer, who still uses our service, began their subscription in 2004.