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Company Information
(877) 509-4537
Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded in 2008

Company Description

yikes is a proximity awareness solution company.

Combining proximity hardware & software technology, we build the architecture leading to increase in brand loyalty, automation & leniency of business operations.

How do we achieve this?

- proximity awareness: in a yikes enabled environment, businesses become aware of their customers’ presence, prompting an instant interaction with them, bringing a more personal touch to the customer's experience.

- multi-point security: thanks to our triangular architecture, our short-span credentialization points, and our multi-level encryption points, our customers’ and users’ security & privacy are in the best hands…

- data collection & reporting: with our technology, we are able to become familiar with our users' preferences, making it possible for businesses to get to know their customers more intimately. Also through the information this technology provides, businesses can identify ways to streamline and automate their operations processes.

- proximity-based marketing: proximity awareness enables businesses to engage with their customers in a personalized and contextual fashion, building long-lasting brand loyalty.