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Jun 26

Breakthrough Selling

Hosted by Indy Chamber

Event Description

Are you on the hunt for sustained sales momentum? If you answered yes, then we have just the training for you! Join the Indy Chamber and Trustpointe for your opportunity to improve processes, personal performance, and results to become the high-achieving sales professional you’ve been striving to be.

TOPIC: Investigate, Don’t Interrogate

Have you ever met that salesperson that pounded you with question after question? Asking questions can be a double-edged sword in selling – too few, you lose; too many, and the buyer slips into a state of Not-OK.

Your primary mission as a trusted salesperson is to facilitate the buyer’s truth with good questions – questions designed to eliminate future negotiations and gain necessary insight as to whether your product or service will add value, or not. Coming up short on questions will lead to a wrong solution or sales malpractice. Too many hard-hitting questions will lead to turned-off buyers.

In this Breakthrough Selling session, we’ll talk about sales questioning techniques and strategies that protect both you and the buyer. The Trustpointe Team will lead the session by mirroring the session. It’ll be interactive, engaging and we suspect you’ll laugh from time to time at their quick, demonstrable skill set.

This event is exclusive to Indy Chamber members ONLY.