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Jun 21

ClickSide Chat: Workplace Male Allyship Open Mic

Hosted by Women & Hi Tech

Event Details

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Event Description

Women have faced many obstacles in the workplace such as confidence hurdles, exclusion from professional and social networking, multiple forms of harassment, lower wages and less opportunities of promotion to name a few. With the continuous struggle to find support and advocacy in the work environment, how do we know who we can count on as an ally?

Male Allies that recognize the importance of an inclusive and equitable workplace culture can help break down these barriers and help give women their voices again in situations where they felt they had less of one. However, a 2019 report revealed that while 77% of men reported doing “everything they can” to achieve gender fairness, 59% of women believed more could be done.

Join Women & Hi Tech members Dave Meeker of Bringing Tech 2 You and Shabbir Qutbuddin of Ivy Tech alongside ClickSide Chat Facilitator Tori Harper Mercado for an OPEN-MIC discussion on what it means to be an ally, how can we identify allies, and what can allies do to advocate for women in the future. Tune in to this month’s ClickSide Chat to listen and share experiences with other fellow members who have battled gender inequality in the workforce.


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