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Apr 26

Crane Tech Expo for the PROPELS Accelerator

Hosted by Midwest Tech Bridge, NavalX, NSWC Crane, The Mill, and Dioltas

Event Details

Wednesday, April 26, 2023
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Dimension Mill
642 North Madison Street , Bloomington, IN 47404

Event Description

Looking for your big break in business? Join the Midwest Tech Bridge, NavalX, NSWC Crane, The Mill, and Dioltas in downtown Bloomington for the Crane Tech Expo!

Naval scientists and innovators will reveal world-class, patented tech they've developed for the Navy. They'll explain how the Navy is currently using it, and then they'll provide examples of how the tech could be commercialized into a public product or platform as part of the PROPELS Accelerator program. Possible tech includes:

drone tracking technology: an innovative system that uses imaging sensors to monitor for light reflections off of metals, polymers, and other manufactured materials, enabling it to detect, identify, and track drones at long-range distances (yes! This year it will be there!)
junctional tourniquet: a ready-to-market tourniquet solution, shaped like a hockey puck, that stops bleeding in hard-to-reach places (such as an armpit). This one is fully designed and just needs someone to take it to market
natural language processing software: this software seeks and finds patterns in mountains of messy data. It has many potential applications.
additive manufacturing: a 3D-printing innovation
Don't miss this rare chance to gain access to the defense ecosystem and its powerful business opportunities.

After the expo, attendees will have a chance to talk with the scientists and other attendees to start thinking about what new product or company you could launch through the PROPELS Accelerator. Come for the tech, stay for refreshments from Uplands and great networking opportunities.

Register as a potential participant or as a spectator—all are welcome, and you can decide whether to participate after seeing the tech. (We think you're going to be amazed!)

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