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Feb 22

Crushing Complexity: The Evolving Business of Healthcare

Hosted by Authenticx + Storytelling Arts of Indiana

Event Description

No one can deny the fact that healthcare in the U.S. is complex. But how did we get here? How do patients and caregivers experience that complexity? And are we, in fact, crushing it, or is it crushing us?

Based on the study of millions of conversations from all segments of healthcare through the power of Artificial Intelligence, this presentation takes a 30,000-foot view of our healthcare system and its impact on healthcare consumers and businesses. This story is a journey that inspires us all to take a hard look at what we’ve inadvertently created and why it must change. We will also be joined by a panel of three tech and healthcare professionals who will weigh in on our findings. We welcome all of you to join us for this event.

Join us at 7PM on February 22nd at the Frank and Katrina Basile Theater (450 W Ohio St, Indianapolis, IN). After the Crushing Complexity presentation, a panel of experts from the healthcare industry will discuss how providers, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies are working together to create a less complex future for patients. Reserve your spot to this exciting event.