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Sep 12

“Define Your AI-Powered Product Strategy” Webinar

Hosted by Innovatemap

Event Details

Tuesday, September 12, 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Event Description

​In a world where your product can do anything for anyone, how do you choose the right problems to solve for the right people? Then, how do you leverage AI to solve those problems better and faster?

​Join us for the first episode of Innovatemap’s webinar series to learn how to build a valuable AI-powered product.

​Katie Lukes (Principal, Practice Lead — Product Strategy & Research) will provide a clear, impactful AI framework to help you identify the role of AI in your business, make well-informed product decisions and confidently build your roadmap.

​After attending this episode of Innovatemap’s webinar series, you’ll be able to:

​- Identify real, human problems that can be automated or augmented with AI.
​- Facilitate more productive and strategic internal conversations about implementing AI.
- ​Define the right product to build.

​At the end of the one hour session, you’ll get exclusive access to our comprehensive Define Guide that you can socialize with stakeholders and investors.