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Feb 28

Hire for People, Not Positions

Hosted by Elevate Ventures

Event Details

Tuesday, February 28, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Event Description

In this webinar, Dr. Anna Stumpf will show you how the world is changing and how it impacts entrepreneurs and startups. You will learn how to strike a balance between filling an immediate role and thinking about how a person can grow within your company over a long period of time. Stumpf will also discuss the role of education, automation and skills-focused hiring in the forthcoming “4th Industrial Revolution.”

About Dr. Anna Stumpf

Dr. Anna Stumpf spent 10 years in senior management at Wal-Mart before becoming a teacher at the high school and then college levels. She is now a training and development coordinator for BGBC CPAs and Advisors. Through her transitions, spanning three decades, Dr. Stumpf has connected deeply with multiple generations in a range of situations, and she uses those experiences to help others through coaching, speaking and her podcast, “Conversations with Anna; Stories to Move Your Life Forward”

Dr. Stumpf is a natural storyteller who believes that many people are unsettled at work, home, with themselves, and with the idea of their futures because they don’t firmly understand their own truth — their “Golden Ticket” — and how to share it. She challenges people in a variety of classrooms to determine their truth.