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Nov 30

#InvestInWomenFounders Summit

Hosted by The Startup Ladies

Event Details

Wednesday, November 30, 2022
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Delta Faucet Company
55 East 111th Street , Indianapolis, IN 46280

Event Description

The Startup Ladies are hosting our inaugural #InvestInWomenFounders Summit. The purpose of this half day Summit will be to:

1. INTRODUCE you to nine investor-ready women founders,
2. TEACH you how to invest and connect you to women-owned companies, and
3. MOVE $ into the hands of women founders so they can scale their startups.

—> The faster we move the money - the faster we create NEW jobs in our community!

You very well may know that the current system of funding women founders isn’t working. Traditional pitch competitions do NOT work for women founders. In 2021, out of the $330 billion invested into US startups, women founders captured a whopping 2%. That’s the lowest percentage since 2016 according to Pitchbook.

Change requires different leadership and nuanced thinking.
We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Unlike most startup events and pitch competitions - this event is being led by women and supported by our male allies in an effort to eliminate gender disparity in the startup space.

We’re ditching the pitch!
Instead of pitches, we will pair each founder with a seasoned entrepreneur or senior executive from a major company. These proven entrepreneurs/execs will interview the founder (think Oprah style interview). Interviewers will ask questions allowing founders to cover the content in their decks. These conversations will be more personal, relaxed, and hopefully fun!

It will be the interviewer's job to champion the founder before, during, and after the event. Interviewers will spark conversation with the audience and ask attendees how they can help founders: secure investment, and connect to prospective investors, and clients.

Who will be there?
Founders of course! While there will be a few professional investors in attendance, there will be more individuals with financial capacity wanting to learn how to invest in women founders and connect with those who are investor-ready. Several of our corporate members who provide services to founders and investors will be there and ready to support our growing companies!

This is a female-friendly event. We are so excited to include men, however you won’t find any of the bravado or machismo that many have experienced at other investor events. Instead, you will meet people of every gender who are interested in meeting women founders and learning how to invest in women building scalable startups. This is what our day will look like:

Summit Agenda
Noon Check in, lunch buffet, visit with women founders

1:15 pm Welcome & Kickoff presentation

2:00 pm Fund the founder! Session 1(3 rooms)

2:45 pm Break

3:00 pm Fund the founder! Session 2 (3 rooms)

3:45 pm Break

4:00 pm Fund the founder! Session 3 (3 rooms)

4:45 pm Cocktail reception with founders and funders

6:00 pm Wrap up

Yay! Thanks to the vision and generosity of The Delta Faucet Company, our paid members of The Startup Ladies community may attend the full summit for free! Please use your member code when prompted for the "promo code" in blue.

If you’ve been thinking about joining, now is a great time. This special event is limited to 150 people. Anyone who becomes a member by October 31 will be eligible to attend the Summit at no additional cost.

---> Founders become a member and attend for free HERE!

---> Investors become a member and attend for free HERE!

---> Corporate Executives become a member and attend for free HERE!

*Please note that purchased tickets are non-refundable.