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Jun 5

SEPTalks Event: GenAI Adoption: Balancing Compliance, Innovation, and Action

Hosted by SEP

Event Details

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
16080 Westfield Boulevard , Carmel, 46033

Event Description

Are tensions between your Legal, Compliance, and Engineering departments’ needs slowing down your adoption of Generative AI? You’re not alone.

Leveraging generative-AI-based technologies is not just a concern for delivery teams; it can introduce new tensions between departments.

The fundamental issue is that you want to take advantage of your data while keeping it secure. Thankfully there are effective ways to address this issue while respecting each department’s constraints, allowing your company to benefit from successful GenAI adoption.

In this talk we will cover:

*Responsible Implementation: methods for introducing GenAI within a company in a responsible manner that considers all stakeholders

*Technology Management: strategies for maintaining control over data while still being proactive in leveraging GenAI for your business

*Interdepartmental Coordination: ways to meet the diverse requirements of legal, regulatory, compliance, and engineering departments to ensure a unified approach to GenAI adoption

*Case Study: SEP’s own experiences with adopting GenAI will be used as a practical example of responsibly navigating risks and opportunities

This event is ideal for those in leadership positions, from senior executives to engineers and product managers. Get valuable takeaways and strategies for managing GenAI.