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Feb 7

Startup Study Hall with Richard Millunchick, Exited Founder & Investor

Hosted by The Startup Ladies

Event Details

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Event Description

What EXACTLY do you need to do to generate your first $1 Million in revenue?

Lots of people can think in terms of multi-year projections, but it's harder for them to back up and define precisely how to make that first million dollars. Richard Millunchick will walk you through the budget you need to build to hire the necessary team to generate the sales. He will answer the following questions:

1 - Why is it important to think in terms of making your first million?
2 - What are all of the expenses that should be considered to get to the income of $1M?
3 - How long will it take to get to $1M?
4 - How do you begin to execute?

Noon - Welcome and introduction
12:05 pm - Presentation
1:00 pm - Wrap up!

Richard Millunchick (he/him/his) is currently the Startup Coach at the Dimension Mill in Bloomington, IN, and a consultant to early-stage CEOs. He is an accomplished professional with more than twenty-five years of experience in marketing, sales, sales management, and operations management. He has also been an entrepreneur. Employers, colleagues, and clients know him as a goal-oriented individual dedicated to corporate expansion and mission. He has a track record and accomplishments as a proven leader who has developed, managed, and implemented programs that have been beneficial to corporate and personnel growth.

Richard has spent most of his career in the technology and start-up community in and around the Ann Arbor, MI area. His background is with companies that changed manufacturing with PC-based controls, Security for international telecommunications providers, and 15 years in retail marketing technology. He has also been an impact angel investor since 2019.

Richard relocated to Bloomington, IN, in the fall of 2022. In addition to coaching start-ups, he enjoys exploring south-central Indiana and traveling. He is a husband and father and enjoys walking his dog, live theater, and art films.

- Entrepreneurs at any stage
- Investors who want to support their founders
- Anyone responsible for budgeting
- Business students

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