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May 29

Web Accessibility Webinar

Hosted by The INDATA Project at Easterseals Crossroads

Event Details

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Event Description

2024 Web Accessibility Webinar for Programmers and Developers
The INDATA Project is pleased to host a Web Accessibility Webinar for Programmers and Developers Wednesday, May 29 from 11am-4pm.

Description: Join renowned web accessibility professional Dennis Lembree for a full day of training. This training starts with a background on disability, guidelines, and law. Many techniques for designing and developing an accessible website are then explained; basic through advanced levels are covered. The main topics include content structure, images, forms, tables, CSS, and ARIA. Techniques on writing for accessibility and testing for accessibility are also covered. If you are involved in web design or development, don’t miss this wealth of practical knowledge.

Speaker Bio: Dennis Lembree is a Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems. He was previously Director of Accessibility at Diamond Web Services and worked several years on the PayPal and eBay accessibility teams. He also has experience at several start-up companies and contracted at large corporations including Google, Ford, and Disney. Mr. Lembree published articles, led webinars, and presented on digital accessibility at many conferences including HTML5 DevCon, CSS DevCon, CSUN, AccessU, Accessing Higher Ground, Accessibility Toronto, and Paris Web. Dennis runs a blog, Facebook, and Mastodon account on web accessibility called Web Axe. He created an accessible, two-time national award-winning Twitter app, Easy Chirp which is now sunset.