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Introducing the Indiana Tech Companies List

Indiana’s Tech Companies List — the interactive directory found here — is a great new resource that makes it easier to find, buy from, and invest in Indiana tech companies! “The List,” as we’ve been calling it, is organized into broad tech categories like Big Data/Analytics, Cloud/Hosting, E-Commerce, Education, Transportation, Ag Tech, Financial, Business Productivity

TechPoint to Honor ‘Tech 25’ Technology Builders

TechPoint to Honor ‘Tech 25’ Class of Tech Product and Company Builders During May 2 Mira Awards TechPoint, the voice and catalyst of Indiana’s tech ecosystem, will recognize unsung contributors to Indiana’s thriving tech sector leading up to and during the May 2, Mira Awards Gala presented by BKD CPAs and Advisors. “The ‘Tech 25’

RFRA Culture war stifles emerging growth companies

Dear Tech Community – While RFRA legislation obviously requires lots of clarification that even legal scholars disagree about, what is clear is the impact it’s having on the brand of our state and on our tech community and companies. We’ve been working behind the scenes with a coalition of others to find a solution to

Tech Trend Setters from Indiana

How do you define a trendsetter? Is it someone who offers a unique product in the marketplace, a venture that no one else has been able to tackle or simply taking an idea off the white board and finally pushing it into reality? Tech trend setters can be any and all of the above —

Networking. Craft Brews. Great Food. Final Four.

Indianapolis is definitely the place to be next week. Indy is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four host city, and cloud and colocation hosting services provider Online Tech has a way for you to get up close and personal on the tournament action. Online Tech is having a Final Four IT networking event on Friday,

Indianapolis now has fiber ready buildings

Businesses in Indiana and throughout the world are evolving in how they interact with their customers, partners, and suppliers. A couple of decades ago, fax machines represented the cutting edge in communications technology.  Today, a business wouldn’t be able to survive relying only on faxes and landline phones to stay in touch with their stakeholders.