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2023 Indiana Tech Workforce Report

Access current market data and focused commentary about demand and supply trends for tech talent.

Talent trends and their impact on tech and digital innovation in Indiana

The 2023 TechPoint Indiana Tech Workforce Report is the first in a series of comprehensive annual reports that describe and characterize the tech talent landscape across Indiana, including snapshots of Central Indiana and Marion County.

In this report:

  • Review current data and analysis on tech jobs, skills, industries, economic impact, education and training and gaps within the Indiana tech ecosystem.
  • Understand the impact of pandemic disruptions and spot related trends as they relate to workforce development.
  • Discover strategies and recommendations for improving tech talent outcomes in Indiana.
  • Use the report narrative, in conjunction with the accompanying interactive data visualizations below, to understand important action steps for the continued attraction, development and retention of Indiana tech talent.


Tech workforce interactive data visualization

Navigate through the slides below and adjust the settings on various charts to instantly reflect changes based on a wide variety of factors such as job category, industry, skill type, geography and more.

Market Data That Helps You Make Talent Pipeline Decisions

Our free, 38-page 2023 Indiana Tech Workforce Report lays bare the challenges, and also shows areas of opportunity for stakeholders in Indiana’s tech community.

Key report recommendations

Indiana community and tech sector leaders must promote broader and faster adoption of digital technologies throughout its economic sectors. This cannot happen unless they also develop the talent necessary to implement that adoption.

Indiana’s employers must reform traditional hiring practices to better, more equitably and inclusively develop talent, aligning supply and demand, and supporting both talent and employers.

Indiana community stakeholders and employers must keep tech talent investments a top priority. Programs and investments in tech talent development should be driven by data, insights and proven outcomes, based on a shared understanding by multiple groups.

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