A Global Challenge: How Genesys is Navigating COVID-19

This is the first in an ongoing series of articles designed to provide guidance for making a Smart ReStart back to the office as we all deal with pandemic-related concerns. Tech leaders will share their experiences, lessons learned and things to watch out for as we all work together. Nothing could have prepared the world […]

WGU Indiana Celebrates 10-year Milestone and Provides Hope for Online Higher Ed

It’s been a privilege to witness the immense growth of WGU Indiana. My professional higher education journey actually began with WGU Indiana in 2010, the year it was established as the first WGU state affiliate and the eighth state university in Indiana. I served for four years as general manager of WGU Indiana operations. It […]

Demand for online education is spiking. How Indiana is responding (Part V)

Editor’s Note: This series began before the COVID-19 pandemic. Response to the pandemic will have a significant impact on the number of students taking online courses and how schools are using technology to make coursework available. Indiana institutions like Ivy Tech Community College are well positioned to adapt to this new normal. The school has […]

Black Lives Matter: TechPoint Statement and How We Must Respond

George Floyd is just one of the latest in the list of too many names illustrating continued years of systemic injustice against the Black community. Black lives matter, and we call on police and government leaders to reconstruct a public safety and criminal justice system that delivers equal safety and equal justice under law.  We […]

The anatomy and evolution of a diverse Hoosier’s STEM career and community

I am a woman in STEM—a diverse woman working in STEM careers in Indiana since 2000. STEM is the professional world I know and love. I enjoyed a first career as a molecular biologist and clinical research scientist at Eli Lilly and Company doing work that I believe helped improve lives. I also appreciated the […]