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Mission41K Update Report

July 2023

See data on how Mission41K is impacting the Indiana tech workforce, and read success stories from early adopters who are building more inclusive talent pipelines.

Mission41K is a playbook for new job creation and tech talent development in Indiana.

TechPoint’s Mission41K Update Report is a timely reflection on the Indiana digital innovation community’s progress since the effort’s launch, as well as a succinct snapshot of the latest Indiana tech workforce impact metrics. This collection of data points and partner success stories underscores the potential for continued, positive collective impact in the critical mission of inclusively developing high skilled, tech-fluent talent across the state.

In this report:

  • Become acquainted with the Mission41K movement and key partners involved in the effort since its launch in Fall 2022.
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest Indiana-specific tech workforce metrics to note the progress that has been made as well as the areas in which renewed focus and effort is necessary.
  • See spotlights on important Mission41K partner organizations and understand the new approaches they’ve adopted to make an impact on tech workforce development.
  • Learn how you and your organization may become more involved with Mission41K.

Report Findings Preview

The numbers tell an encouraging story of initial success with notable growth in our tech workforce, details on the increase in net new tech jobs, and the extent to which we have increased the percentages of women and people of color in the tech-related workforce.

Stories in this report highlight new ways of working together, promising approaches, and early indications of positive progress. Read how Allegion, Eli Lilly & Company, Zotec Partners, Ivy Tech, Indianapolis Public Schools and InnoPower are aligning with Mission41K.

More than 100 organizations have signed on as collaborative partners in the Mission41K movement, and their collective energy — further focused by Mission41K best practices and activities — is the key to evolving with the rapidly changing digital economy.

Updated Tech Workforce Data for the Indiana Digital Innovation Economy

Our free, 20-page Mission41K Update Report includes a section devoted to the latest Indiana tech workforce statistics. See metrics for:

  • Net tech job growth percentage
  • Net tech employment
  • Net employment as a percentage of overall workforce
  • Economic impact
  • Number of tech business establishments
  • Diversity index quartile
  • Net tech employment jobs added rank
  • Net tech employment rank
  • Tech business establishments rank
  • Emerging tech employer job postings percentage
  • Employer hiring activity via job postings
  • Leading tech occupations
  • Tech workforce characteristics
  • Tech occupation wages by percentile