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WGU Indiana,, is an online university for the 21st century.

Company Information
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 1997

Company Description

WGU Indiana is the state’s non-profit online university designed to expand access to higher education for Indiana residents. The university offers more than 60 accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in high-demand career fields including business, information technology, education, and health care. WGU Indiana has helped more than 6,000 Hoosiers achieve their dream of completing a college degree. Another 5,400 students are currently enrolled.

WGU Indiana’s competency-based degree programs enable students to progress through courses as soon as they demonstrate they’ve mastered the material. According to a 2016 Harris Poll, 95 percent of WGU graduates are employed and 87 percent of them work in their degree field. According to a 2016 Gallup study, WGU graduates are more likely than graduates from other U.S. universities to have the jobs they want, feel engaged at work, and have an emotional attachment to their alma mater. For information about WGU Indiana, visit