Following two years of celebrating the state’s tech successes apart during virtual galas, TechPoint is already hard at work planning for the 2022 Mira Awards gala to triumphantly return IN-PERSON to the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis this spring.

The big question, however, is whether or not you will be attending as an nominee for one of the 15 coveted awards that celebrate the “Best of Tech in Indiana.” Every year is another opportunity to take a step toward greatness and make your mark on the tech community, but you can’t win if you don’t enter. 

Any company, startup, scale-up, city, school, team or individual may enter the Mira Awards. It is not required that you be nominated by someone else to enter the awards. 

Need a reminder of just how fun and classy the Mira Awards gala is in person? Watch this 48-second recap video.

Whether it was creating an influential new tech product or service; discovering or inventing a breakthrough innovation; launching a startup or investing in startups; scaling and growing a company or city; blazing a trail in tech, talent attraction, tech education or on behalf of the tech community; there is a place for you among the state’s top achieving tech professionals. You just need to tell your story!

While winning is always an incredible experience, you don’t even have to win one of the awards to benefit from the Mira Awards process. Just “participating” in the awards brings a high level of validation and visibility. Entering the awards, being selected as a nominee and presenting to one of the independent judging panels alone places you among the best of the best. The judging process is rigorous and demonstrates both your preparedness and your temerity to accept the role of leader, influencer and tech community forerunner. 

And because the Mira Awards are Indiana’s largest, best known and most prestigious technology awards program, there are millions of dollars at stake in potential promotional value, capital investment, hiring success and connections as a result of the credibility and visibility that comes with your participation.

Lauren Petersen and Joshua Hall of TechPoint make the call for entries and sponsors announcement for the 2022 Mira Awards.

Enter yourself or nominate someone else deserving of a “Best of Tech” Mira Award.

At-a-glance, quick awards entry resources

2022 Mira Awards Entry Page –
2022 Mira Awards Entry Kit
2022 Mira Awards Sponsor Prospectus

2022 Mira Awards Q&A Webinar
2022 Mira Awards Nomination Form – Use to nominate someone else.
2022 Mira Awards Application Form – Use to enter for yourself or your company.

7 reasons to enter the Mira Awards

ATTRACTS NEW CUSTOMERS — IVM, Inc. closed a sales deal with Fortune 500 company HP after winning an Innovation of the Year Mira Award.

INCREASES SALES — Tech Product of the Year winner Heliponix could barely make GroPods fast enough to keep up with demand following the awards gala and expanded manufacturing operations earlier than expected.

BOOSTS RECRUITING EFFORTS — Schneider Geospatial hired a top engineering leader, support and services staff, and an entire sales team after being named Tech Service of the Year winner.

OPENS DOORS WITH INVESTORS — Founder Amy Brown won the Rising Entrepreneur Award, which led to important investor relationships, seed funding and Series A capital rounds for Authenticx.

DRAWS ANALYSTS AND MEDIA — DemandJump attributed oversubscribing its $1.8 million seed round and catching the attention of research analysts from Intelligentsia, Forrester and Gartner to winning two ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards.

IMPROVES BRAND AWARENESS — Winning Startup of the Year helped Lessonly establish its tech credentials with partners, media and potential new employees.

CREATES A RALLYING POINT — According to Exceptional Employer Award winner GadellNet Consulting Services, the serious and thoughtful review process is unbiased validation that you’re doing good things for the tech community. 

“The world needs more good … let the Mira Awards be one of those shining lights for you and your team,” said CEO Nick Smarrelli.