WGU Indiana jumpstarting Hoosier cybersecurity careers with $50,000 in scholarships

If recent headlines have you kicking yourself for not learning more about cybersecurity before now, you’re not alone. News that the global cybersecurity market will more than double to $300 billion over the next few years is reason enough to take note. Indiana has an oversized role as home to major defense and government software […]

Tech Takes Stock: How much do you really know about poverty?

TechPoint has partnered with the United Way of Central Indiana to co-host 3 poverty simulations at 3 Indy tech companies—and you are encouraged to attend.

Zylo is defining SaaS management market it invented as competitors try to catch up

Zylo, which has earned about a 10% market share to date, still has significant headroom to grow its position, especially since the company invented the SaaS management category upon launching out of the High Alpha venture studio little more than three years ago.

T2 Systems prepares for rapid growth, major hiring to match parking technology convergence

The challenge of bringing order to the curb chaos and managing millions of on- and off-street parking spaces is much more than simple logistics or convenience--its outcomes have a direct impact on the workforce productivity of an area, a campus or an entire city.

Kerauno is moving beyond communications software and changing human interaction

Indy-based Kerauno, which currently employs 50 people and plans to hire 100 more over two years, is already tracking at triple-digit growth for 2019.

Can WorkHere solve the nation’s $2 trillion talent shortage and turnover dilemma?

Founders of the Indy-based software scale-up company WorkHere say they’ve cracked the code on not only finding the elusive talent employers are looking for, but on helping to eliminate unforced errors and other factors that cause turnover.

Springbuk invents new category with health intelligence platform

Following its rebrand into health intelligence, Springbuk has become the emerging category's leader with nearly 3,000 employers on its platform.

Are we doing enough to make Indy tech diverse and inclusive?

A new Jobs in Tech seminar exposed a diverse group of students to what's possible in tech and how programs like Xtern can open new doors.