LifeOmic apps approach 1 million downloads, help shape healthcare’s future

While politicians and pundits battle over access to healthcare and the ever-increasing costs, scientists and software experts at Indianapolis-based startup LifeOmic are working to disrupt the $8 trillion industry altogether and transform it into something different–wellness care. “Healthcare is broken and the relationship we have with our doctor is going to fundamentally change,” said Don […]

Republic Airways disrupts airline tech and talent pipeline with small, mighty team

Republic Airways employs more than 6,000+ people total, including pilots and flight attendants, and its 1,000+ daily flights to 100 cities make it the second-largest regional airline in the U.S.

Viral Launch makes a play to be the ‘go-to’ platform for advertising on Amazon

Viral Launch to date has been used by 10,000+ sellers to launch 50,000+ products and helped drive more than $10 billion in sales for their customers in less than five years.

The RND Group is in the business of saving lives through software

Whether it’s working to detect cancer through an at-home product like Cologuard; helping to return streptococcus tests within the hour at a doctor’s office; or screening blood bank supplies for HIV, HPV and the Zika virus; life or death stakes are part of every day at The RND Group.

ActiveCampaign is on a mission to help one million small businesses with customer experience automation

With tools including email marketing, marketing automation, Sales CRM and messaging, ActiveCampaign offers its 77,000 customers advanced elements critical to customer experiences, and integrates with 250+ other industry tools.

Tenthpin’s Rupal Thanawala has big plans for Indiana

Tenthpin's Rupal Thanawala is learning to get comfortable with being first as the global management consulting firm’s first woman on the leadership team.

IVM is again disrupting the industry it invented 25+ years ago

The custom designed, vinyl-wrapped smart vending machines from IVM are part of the culture at many tech companies in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Indesign takes pride in designing the ‘things’ in Internet of Things

Founded in 1997, Indy-based Indesign builds the hardware, sensors, electronics and embedded software that put the T in IoT.