Exceptional student startup founders and/or operators who have looked outside the box, started something new, and generated momentum

Providing foundational STEM education is crucial to the development of future tech leaders and contributors in Indiana. To be seen as a leader in tech research, jobs and industry, we need to start with educating our shining stars. This year, we’ve created a new category to help incite the fundamental need for STEM education. 

The Student Entrepreneur of the Year award recognizes exceptional student startup founders and/or operators of any age and experience who have looked outside the box, started something new and generated momentum. Students must be enrolled in K-12 schools or higher education institutions to be considered for this award.

This year’s nominees include:

  • Kerry Ao, CEO & Co-Founder, Intertwined  – Kerry Ao is a self-motivated and ambitious student entrepreneur, striving to push the boundaries at the intersection of technological innovation and business.
  • David Awonaike and Aman Kikani  — Student partners developing Kikani Keyboards, which creates custom mechanical keyboards focused on style and ergonomics.
  • Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Branam —  Izzy Branam is a serial entrepreneur and innovator, revolutionizing industries andopening doors of opportunity.
  • Emmani Ellis, Chief Operating Officer, IronWorkz Co — Emmani Ellis is an undergraduate student from Gary, Indiana that has excelled beyond the traditional student mold with an entrepreneurial mindset intended to inspire those around her.
  • Tamara Miller BSN, RN – CEO, Nursing Career Coach — Nursing Career Coach is a health tech start-up that uses data science to make “smart” placements for nurses. This technology will drastically improve the success and retention of nurses everywhere.

The 2023 Mira Award winners will be announced during our in-person gala at the JW Marriot during the 24th gala on Saturday, April 22, with presenting sponsors Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Salesforce and UKG.

Get more information about the 2023 Mira Awards and join us on April 22 for the unveiling of the “Best of Tech” Mira Award winner for Student Entrepreneur of the Year!