Anvl won the Innovation of the Year award for its Automated Offline-capable Hazard Identification application during TechPoint’s 21st annual Mira Awards gala honoring the best of tech in Indiana.

WATCH VIDEO: Gerry Dick interviews Anvl CEO and Co-founder Robin Fleming.
WATCH VIDEO: Anvl accepts Innovation of the Year Mira Award.

The reduction of workplace injuries and deaths has stagnated in the past two decades. The industrial safety industry still relies on processes and procedures that have seen little change in the past 50 years across multiple industries. In fact, the majority of hazardous-work safety processes rely on pencil and paper, direct manager supervision, training, and intuition. There were over 5,147 workplace deaths and 882,730 lost time injuries in 2017 (the most recent year for which data is available). While there is significant interest in evolving to new ways of keeping people safe, the same hazardous worksites are dealing with lack of access to technology infrastructure including internet connectivity in remote locations.

Anvl Software Suite is designed to capture and process safety data more effectively while taking the limitations of any job site into account. While in the past workers would “check the box” on safety by using paper forms that were immediately discarded, today Anvl has a mobile-first tool that allows workers to quickly rethink and evaluate the safety of a site and have that data aggregated up to supervisors, even when there is little-to-no connectivity in the worker’s environment, as is often the case.

With the overwhelming increase in captured data, supervisors and leaders need help sorting through to identify the most critical information quickly, and that’s where Anvl’s Automated Offline-capable Hazard Identification feature delivers. Images, text, and input sent from the point at which work occurs is scoured for hazard markers within the platform, leveraging natural language processing and Anvl’s own key phrase taxonomy to call out potential threats at work.

Anvl celebrates the moment the startup wins the Innovation of the Year Mira Award.
Anvl CEO and Co-founder Robin Fleming.

The Mira Awards judges believe Anvl is tackling a problem that has been left to chance and blamed on complexity and random variables for far too long. Anvl’s solution is already proving its potential to have a significant impact on human life by saving workers from injuries that have sadly become viewed as “the cost of doing business.”

With use in production across nearly 1000 users in North America (US and Canada), the Anvl Software Platform has captured and categorized over 6,200 phrases and 1.8M data points to identify hazards that might otherwise go unnoticed. While other solutions may require an always-on data connection to perform such an analysis, the Anvl front-line Workforce application will transmit and re-try data even in areas with sparse or no network visibility, such as within the walls of a mine, vault or during a test cycle of a power generator. The results are reported to Anvl’s success team, which carefully monitors inbound results and identifies trends to safety leadership.

The identification of interventions helps prevent injuries and fatalities through improved communication and risk identification. Since launch, the Anvl Workforce product has identified more than 7400 interventions which equate to at least one million dollars in prevented, medically-consulted injuries.

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