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Matt Tait infuses tech into Indy’s fine dining with Plat

Born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Matt Tait seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. From lawyer to entrepreneur, Matt discovered that tech in Indiana was the best place for him to be, something he’s learning more about every day with his new venture, Plat. Learning the ropes

Robin Fleming’s new High Alpha venture is ‘hush-hush’ for now

Last month, High Alpha announced that Robin Fleming had joined the venture studio as an entrepreneur in residence and that she would be marshaling her 30 years of enterprise cloud technology experience — including recruiting top B2B SaaS talent — to develop a new company. Robin, who most recently served as senior vice president of

Good timing and a purpose-built platform are driving Bolstra’s success

Fast-growing customer success platform company Bolstra announced last month that it closed a $1.5 million seed funding round and that software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry veteran Steve Ehrlich joined the company as chief operating officer. Returning investors include Allos Ventures, 4G Ventures, Collina Ventures, and others. First time investor in Bolstra, VisionTech Angels also contributed to the

Indy sports tech company Upper Hand acquires Double Blue Sports

On March 13, Upper Hand, a sports software platform that helps sports organizations manage their business, announced their acquisition of Double Blue Sports, a company that develops advanced and affordable video analysis and sharing applications for athletes, teams, coaches and sports organizations. As part of the acquisition, Upper Hand has acquired Double Blue Sports’ industry-leading

Two landmark acquisitions led Meghann York to a dream job

Startup culture and risk-taking run through Meghann York’s veins. She got her first taste of tech when she joined the education management startup DyKnow, after working in healthcare for almost 10 years. Her interesting career path led to iGoDigital, which was acquired by ExactTarget, which was then acquired by Salesforce. Today, Meghann is a director