Comcast, Indiana IoT Lab bring celebrity talent to talk food tech

Indiana’s tech ecosystem is known for our focus on solutions for business needs, but what happens when we merge business technology with everyday consumer interactions? Sara Croft covers how the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is changing the landscape of food tech.

Top five tech trends for your digital strategy

Allegion's Director of Global Software Services Matt O’Dell outlines the top five trends in technology that you and your business should be watching in order to remain competitive in the tech scene.

Finding 10,000 ways that won’t work: part two

In the last part of his four-part innovation series, Allegion’s Matt O’Dell shares how Allegion is promoting “permission-less innovation” and is creating a space that celebrates and learns from failure.

Tech taking its rightful place at the boardroom table

Virtusa's Senior VP and Indianapolis Center Head Mark Ohrvall asserts the importance of agility in businesses of all sizes as pressures to be innovative increase and how access to high-quality innovation partners has opened up to more companies in Indiana.

Will Salesforce’s ‘change the world’ equality approach influence Indy CEOs?

What does it mean to have equality as one of your business’ core values? For Salesforce, equality as a core value is not a PR campaign. Salesforce wouldn’t be “Salesforce” without it.