What does this mean for companies?

TechPoint is once again hosting a spring Xtern Finalist Day to accommodate increased company interest and the outstanding pipeline of talent still eager to get to Indy for an ‘Ultimate Tech Internship Experience’ of their own. Here’s how TechPoint’s Xtern program can help your company with talent needs this summer:

  • Matching and placement services to connect you to the right candidates based on your team’s needs and your organization’s vision for growth and impact.
  • Full-service support for your interns outside of the 9-to-5, including housing arrangements in downtown Indy, social connectivity opportunities to build cohort connections and affinity for the city, community service programs, city immersion experiences, and professional networking to welcome them to the Indy tech ecosystem.
  • A talent retainment tool to entice top-performing interns to commit to your company upon graduation. TechPoint encourages former Xterns to accept an opportunity in Indianapolis—particularly with companies where they served as Xterns. Once they arrive to start work, we will support their onboarding to the city through a series of tailored events and experiences post-graduation through the TechPoint Grid program.

Why should you take part?

Maybe you only picked up one or two Xterns during Finalist Day, and now wish you had another to take on an additional project? Or word has spread throughout your organization and other teams are jealous that you locked in an intern for the summer. Remember that we can fill sales, marketing, business analyst and other positions in addition to the tech side of the house. Maybe you didn’t take part and are now regretting it.

Whatever the case may be, there is still time to find stellar talent for your team this summer from TechPoint’s exceptional recruitment efforts that resulted in 1,900 applications from 210 universities and 45 home states.

Contact Merillat Flowers, Senior Director of College- to-Career Programs by Wednesday, February 5, to be part of the spring Xtern Finalist Day.

TechPoint’s Xtern program saw record numbers of applicants for the 2020 class, from hundreds of universities across the country. The fall Finalist Day event was a success, with more than 800 interviews taking place and connecting Hoosier tech companies with a diverse talent pool of technical and business skilled students from across the country.

TechPoint’s Xtern talent pipeline finds not only the best students studying software development, but also business, design, marketing, sales, project management, and more! Join us this spring Xtern Finalist Day, by raising your hand here to be part of growing our tech ecosystem with exceptional talent at your company.

Still have questions? Contact Merillat Flowers, Senior Director of College- to-Career Programs.