When you have a client that makes delicious concoctions, it only makes sense to check in from time-to-time to spend a little on their treats. It’s a win-win-win as you patronize a good client, get a close-up visual on how things are going all while delighting your team.

But Counterpart doesn’t stop there when it comes to their client Long’s Bakery. For seven years now, they’ve gone on a Long’s Donut Run, buying up dozens of their light and airy treats and delivering them to a long list of clients.

The Counterpart team completed their most recent Donut Run Friday, delivering more than 50 boxes of donuts to more than two dozen clients and friends including the Indy Chamber, Indiana IoT Lab, SEP, IHSAA, the City of Fishers, Launch Fishers and Next Gear.

The Counterpart team on a Donut Run prior to the 2020 pandemic.

“It’s just a fun —  and let’s face it — delicious way to show our appreciation,”said Drew Linn, Counterpart’s Chief Strategy Officer.

The Donut Run came about after Counterpart partnered with the more than 60-year-old company to develop a user-friendly and comprehensive software system that would smoothly integrate with their broad list of products and administrative needs. That work grew to include streamlining the order-taking process, providing phone ordering, order fulfillment, and time clock, and supply ordering capabilities.

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