DemandJump, maker of the Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) platform now with Advanced Search, received the Best New Tech Product Award during TechPoint’s 18th annual Mira Awards honoring the best of tech in Indiana.

After raising the bar with its Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) platform and helping clients increase revenues by triple digits, DemandJump had a breakthrough that led to DemandJump Advanced Search, which prevents wasted spending in areas where up to 79 percent of the ads being served are missing their mark.

DemandJump’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) platform uses machine learning algorithms, graph theory, algebraic topology, NLP and other tremendously complex math to literally unwind what is happening in a client’s digital ecosystem to show them the greatest opportunities that will drive revenue growth for companies.

This breakthrough coupled with real-world client use led to new insights about marketing challenges and data science discoveries that DemandJump applied to new products launched in 2016 — DemandJump Advanced Search, for example, is helping marketers prevent wasted spending in areas where up to 79 percent of the ads being served are missing their mark.

The Mira Awards judges stated that whereas many companies are out there making big claims about artificial intelligence, DemandJump is actually delivering results for its customers and the revenue implications are game-changing. In this case, more than a few DemandJump customers are telling triple-digit revenue growth stories.

By revealing how customers actually interact with the world — instead of just how marketers think their customers interact — Demandjump has taken yet another layer of guessing out of the art of marketing, bringing the critical business function closer and closer to mathematical certainty.

Even though DemandJump had only launched its latest platform enhancements in the last quarter of 2016, they already had signed six-figure agreements from customers who couldn’t wait to get started.

TechPoint, the growth initiative for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, honored the successes and innovation of Indiana companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and other leaders at The Westin Indianapolis during the 18th annual Mira Awards gala presented by Angie’s List, Genesys, and Salesforce.

A total of 15 award winners and three honorable mentions were chosen from the 90 outstanding companies, organizations, and individuals who were selected as nominees this year out of the 180 applications received highlighting achievements during the 2016 calendar year.


Fifty independent, volunteer judges spent more than 850 total hours reviewing and ranking applications, interviewing nominees, and selecting this year’s winners. Judges included company founders, CEOs and presidents; CTOs, CIOs and software developers; professors and chancellors from Indiana universities; design, human resources and sales professionals, and a variety of other subject matter experts.


The Mira Awards are named after the first of the brilliant variable stars to be discovered – the Mira Star. It is also the Latin root meaning “worthy of admiration, wonderful, marvelous.” The awards represent the best of tech in Indiana each year.