Marketers can no longer get away with having just “a spray and pray mindset.” They now have revenue responsibility like almost every other business discipline. In a survey released by Gartner last month, two out of five CMOs (or up to 46 percent) report having their own P+L with a direct line of sight to revenue responsibility.

Marketing, however, isn’t like sales with a neatly structured funnel of customer journeys built upon a single source of the truth CRM like Salesforce. Until recently, computational power limitations and database structure restrictions made creating a single source of the truth for marketing’s complex, spiderweb-like ecosystem nearly impossible.

DemandJump, a fast-growing Indianapolis-based scale-up company, has changed that, especially for its targeted retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services and healthcare markets.


DemandJump’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) platform is a first-of-its-kind attribution platform that shows marketers exactly what to do next to maximize revenue growth, outmaneuver the competition, and stay ahead of market changes.

Tyler Foxworthy

Tyler FoxworthyChief Scientist

Their “mad mathematicians” led by Chief Scientist Tyler Foxworthy use machine learning algorithms, graph theory, algebraic topology, natural language processing (NLP) and other complex math to map each client’s entire digital ecosystem and then cull the data to reveal revenue growth opportunities brands didn’t even know existed. Think of it as artificial intelligence meets actionable insights.

“Everybody wants to grow qualified traffic to their website, improve sales and conversions, and build reliable forecasts tied to their marketing investments,” said Shawn Schwegman, cofounder and chief strategy officer at DemandJump.


“There is so much wasted spend in marketing, largely due to marketers not having a fully integrated, single view of the customer journey.”

DemandJump bridges channel and data silos to present marketers with specific, prioritized recommendations for how much to spend and where to spend it to generate the greatest incremental traffic and revenue for their brand.

Shawn Schwegman

Shawn SchwegmanCofounder & Chief Strategy Officer

Schwegman added, “Imagine having a platform that shows you specifically which of your current marketing investments are underperforming against your competition, and which new marketing channels and traffic sources could generate thousands of visits and literally millions of dollars for your brand.”

Results like these aren’t theoretical. Two of DemandJump’s customers (one Fortune 500 omnichannel beauty retailer and one specialty B2B/B2C retailer) more than tripled their annual revenue growth in the first year alone.

Beyond paid advertising and affiliates strategy, DemandJump also shows marketers the best opportunities to grow share of voice through content and social influencers. By loading competitive set URLs into the platform, running everything through their proprietary NLP, and using social media volumes as a barometer, DemandJump helps marketers zero in on topics or collections of topics that are the most current and relevant to their brand along with the best channels through which to distribute their content.

Christopher Day

Christopher DayCofounder & CEO

“How much more impactful could a marketer be if s/he knew precisely what content to write and when/where/with whom to publish it to take advantage of trending conversations and optimize their brand’s reach and engagement?” Christopher Day, cofounder and CEO of DemandJump said.

“Our platform pulls out all of the topics that you and your competitors are writing about and zeros in on the best performing articles to inform your content calendar. DemandJump can literally tell you to write a blog post about ‘topic X’ today, including tips for engagement and audience building, in order to drive the most revenue.”

With no IT required and a simple, intuitive interface, DemandJump delivers actionable intelligence that solves marketers’ biggest needs, including:

  • Qualified Traffic — I need to grow qualified traffic without wasteful testing.
  • Sales & Conversions — I know that not all sales are created equal. I need to drive the most profitable conversions.
  • Forecasting — I need to improve my forecasting accuracy.
  • Marketing Mix & ROI — I need to know which marketing investments will deliver the greatest returns.
  • Share of Voice — I need to anticipate when opportunities arise and be poised to seize them.
  • Competitive Insights — I need to stay on top of competitive shifts in my ever-changing market.

DemandJump took home two of TechPoint’s best-of-tech Mira Awards on April 23 — Innovation of the Year and New Startup of the Year. They currently have 14 paying customers, several of which are Fortune 500 retailers. They also have a number of major deals with multi-billion dollar companies pending.

DemandJump employees post with co-founders Christopher Day and Shawn Schwegman (holding awards) at the 17th annual TechPoint Mira Awards.
DemandJump employees celebrate with co-founders Christopher Day and Shawn Schwegman (holding awards) at the 17th annual TechPoint Mira Awards.

“When we show prospects a sneak peak of their data, we see them taking action immediately. It shows up in our AIM platform before we even get to a signed contract. It’s a great feeling to be able to walk into a prospective customer’s boardroom and tell them exactly where to capture massive revenue opportunities,” Day said.

The outlook for DemandJump’s growth in the $23 billion+ marketing attribution market is dramatic. This is especially true considering that DemandJump offers a comprehensive solution that combines the data science, platform and tools never before available.

The company grew from just six employees six months ago to 16 today, and will soon move into new, larger offices downtown this summer. Currently, they have openings for a back end developed, client success/account managers, and enterprise class salespeople. To date, angels and venture firms from Indiana and out-of-state have invested $2.55 million in DemandJump.

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