DemandJump_Basics3Over the past few years, the role of the marketer has swiftly shifted from creative brand agent to key revenue driver. With new job descriptions like Growth Hacker and Chief Revenue Officer becoming more and more common, it’s no secret that companies are relying on marketing teams more than ever to send revenue up and to the right.

Picking apart questions like “how do we grow faster?” or “where should we focus our marketing spend?” are fundamental questions that marketers deal with daily. But what if you had a tool that could answer those questions for you so that you could focus on executing the solutions that drive sales?

What if you knew exactly the type of content you should be creating? What if you knew where to place your ads and how much money to spend on them? What if you knew which affiliates were bringing more revenue to your competitors, and how to tap into their networks, too?

These are exactly the questions DemandJump answers with their new Actionable Intelligence Marketing (AIM) platform. Using machine learning algorithms, mountains of data, and deep competitor intelligence, DemandJump makes digital marketing more efficient by providing users with actionable marketing insights on exactly what to do next, and how to do it.

Co-founded by Indianapolis tech veterans, Christopher Day and Shawn Schwegman, DemandJump is different than other marketing platforms due to its ability to specifically identify opportunities for revenue growth. More than an analytics tool or a marketing scorecard, DemandJump goes beyond big data to show marketers where they should focus their budget and maybe more importantly, their time.

Serial entrepreneurs Christopher Day (left) and Shawn Schwegman have launched marketing intelligence platform DemandJump.

“Marketers are inundated with more data today than ever before. Another analytics solution or an improved dashboard isn’t what they want or need. What they want is actionable intelligence,” said Schwegman, chief strategy officer. “Behind the scenes, DemandJump is unwinding the Internet using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to show marketers the best opportunities to grow revenue.”

It’s the basis of the DemandJump algorithm that helped Schwegman grow from $3M to $800M in just five years, and Indiana-based search engine, ChaCha, to a top 50 website in just two years. On the other end of the management table, Day garnered enough experience in the marketing tech world, selling his last two companies to Comcast and Motorola, that he knew Schwegman’s approach could solve pain points for marketers everywhere.

“Marketers want to wake up in the morning and have clear visibility into what they should do next to drive revenue, ” said Day. “Until DemandJump, marketers have never seen a platform that can deliver specific, actionable recommendations directly tied to revenue.”

Early DemandJump clients include players like Sally Beauty, Loxa Beauty, Roche, and Great Fermentations, who have all since experienced significant gains in revenue. An early release preview of DemandJump is now live and ready for marketers to test out, while the complete platform will be ready for release in early 2016.

As more companies look for sophisticated marketing solutions to separate from the competition, a platform like DemandJump will be in high demand. If using analytics and results-driven data to inform marketing strategy was the past, technology that predicts new opportunities for revenue growth like DemandJump, is the future.

This screenshot from the DemandJump Opportunities dashboard shows recommended strategic actions to focus your marketing decisions and grow revenue.