Predictive marketing intelligence platform DemandJump received the New Startup of the Year award during TechPoint’s 17th annual Mira Awards honoring the best of tech in Indiana.

Current marketing execution and automation tools, commonly known as dashboards,spreadsheets and scorecards, provide marketers with rearview or historical reporting on what a marketer did. They don’t allow marketers to see where they are winning and losing, competitive intelligence, hidden opportunities, where to improve, or what to do next.

techpoint-2016-mira-badges_WinnerTraditional tools don’t allow the marketer visibility into the most powerful digital relationships that truly drive traffic, conversions and revenue beyond what they are doing today. DemandJump found that some of the most powerful sales and business growth insights cannot be seen with standard business intelligence, so they built a platform that works like a dynamic connectivity graph, just like the Internet.

DemandJump’s achievement using machine learning algorithms, graph theory, algebraic topology, NLP and other tremendously complex math to literally unwind what is happening in a client’s digital ecosystem is nearly impossible for competitors to replicate and brings exceptional value to customers showing them the greatest opportunities that will drive revenue growth. The Mira Awards judges believe this value combined with the management team’s skills and experience are why the startup has gained so much traction so quickly with both paying customers and investors. The ease of usability — it practically runs on its own with very minimal need for user training — and flexibility operating in tandem with other applications are a big part of the company’s triple-digit growth out of the gate. The judges see so much potential with DemandJump that 10x growth is likely an underestimate for this impressive new company and it’s powerful platform.

TechPoint, the growth initiative for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, honored Indiana’s best companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and other leaders for their technology excellence and innovation at The Westin in downtown Indianapolis during the 17th annual Mira Awards gala presented by Angie’s List, Interactive Intelligence, and Salesforce.

A total of 17 award winners and seven runners-up were chosen from the 98 outstanding companies, organizations, and individuals who were selected as nominees this year out of the 168 applications received highlighting achievements during the 2015 calendar year.

Forty independent, volunteer judges spent more than 700 total hours reviewing and ranking applications, interviewing nominees, and selecting this year’s winners. Judges included company founders, CEOs and presidents; CTOs, CIOs and software developers; professors and chancellors from Indiana universities; design, human resources and sales professionals, and a variety of other subject matter experts.


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The Mira Awards — named after a variable star thousands of times brighter than the Earth’s sun — represent the best of tech in Indiana each year.