Photography today is driven by the instant gratification of social sharing through photo sharing apps. Proud parents, especially, love showing off the amazing things their children are doing. (Everyone has to see the first time your child eats sweet potatoes right? It’s a must!) However, is sharing these photos over the Internet dangerous?

When you share pictures it may feel like you are just posting them t0 your Facebook timeline, pinning to your Pinterest board or Instagraming or Tweeting them to your friends and family, but in reality you are posting them publicly on the Internet and they could end up anywhere. And once you place your photos on the Internet, anyone can download them to do with as they please.

Depending on your camera, smartphone and social media settings, you could be sharing a GPS location along with the pictures you post. Sometimes this is clearly visible and stated on the photos and posts and other times it’s hidden. (again, it depends on your own account and device settings.) There are also location identifiers inside photos such as a house address, street name or school number.

Indiana-based photo app Sherish lets you share your photos without the rest of the world watching.

The Sherish app allows you to store all of your photos with unlimited storage. They are always accessible, private, and shareable to whomever you choose. The key, however, is that you specifically choose who gets to see the photos.

Through Sherish you can share your photos with as few or as many people as you would like. You can even set up albums and decide to share those albums with certain groups of people, and the people you share your photos with do not have to have a Sherish account. The only setting available on Sherish is private, because you have complete control over who sees every photo or album.



Sherish was created by serial entrepreneurs Jared Brown and Alan Stanford. Both founders have startup experience backgrounds. Jared built, a community for developers and designers, and he was a part of Cha Cha Search. Alan worked at Ernst & Young for 37 years, including leading the firm’s national lT practice, and he has founded five different ventures such as My Health Care Manager.

Sherish does have some fierce competition. Smugmug, Picasa, Snapfish,, and Dropshots are just a few of the more commonly known. Another competitor is simply the iPhone and its iCloud. Sherish, however, has features and tools that exceed what you can do with your iPhone. The challenge will be selling potential customers on using the Sherish app over native smartphone features and learned habits on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Sherish is currently offering a free 6-month trial, so you might as well give the Indiana start-up a shot!

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