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People know Gary Galvin. He’s been a fixture of the Indianapolis tech scene for 15 years and his company may have even built the first or second generation of your website. Galvin Technologies was known as the go-to shop in Indianapolis for top notch sites for over a decade before building its reputation as a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner.

“We started up as a web design company in 2004, and that was our bread and butter for a long time,” Galvin said. “Around 2010 we started getting more and more clients asking for help with Salesforce integration, and after a few years of just word-of-mouth getting around we were starting to be more well-known for business consulting and Salesforce implementations.”

In 2015, Galvin made the tough decision to shift the business from building websites and web-based application to being a consulting firm that is 100-percent focused on delivering Salesforce implementations. Today, Galvin Technologies provides professional Salesforce consulting and administration services to companies across the Midwest. They specialize in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Wave (Analytics), Pardot, and Salesforce App Cloud.

Galvin Technologies’ headquarters are located in a unique and historic U.S. Post Office built in the mid-1800s on the Northwest side of Indianapolis

With headquarters located in an historic U.S. Post Office dating back to 1855, in a lovely pocket neighborhood of Indianapolis called New Augusta, three-fourths of Galvin Technologies’ employees are based in Indy and the rest work remotely across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

“We’re excited about the clients we are working with and the types of Salesforce projects we work on. We’ve been methodical about growing at a pace that allows us to not only service our clients but also build our team with experienced Salesforce consultants. We’ve invested in training programs for them and career paths that give everyone on our team and opportunity to grow,” Galvin said.

The company currently has 13 full-time employees and plans to create 10-12 new jobs this year — mostly high-level business consultants who understand the Salesforce ecosystem and have a successful track record serving clients.

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, Galvin Technologies has earned a 9.6 CSAT (customer satisfaction) rating on Salesforce’s 10-point scale.

“That’s something we’re really proud of — our 9.6 CSAT score,” Galvin said. “When you consider that’s a customer satisfaction survey of our clients that is conducted through Salesforce, I think it comes with more credibility and it’s something people can trust and count on when working with us.”

The majority of Galvin Technologies’ clients are in the four state area — Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois — with some reaching to the coasts. While the company has capabilities that could benefit any industry, the team has significant consulting and Salesforce implementation experience in manufacturing, financial technology (fintech) and other professional services, life sciences, nonprofits and universities. Clients range in size from 50 to 1,000 employees, but the 100-900 employees range is the target customer.

(Bottom Left) CEO and President Gary Galvin, (top) Galvin and Team Members.

“Our projects are unique and we truly do offer more than our clients expect when we first engage,” Galvin said. “Of course, some people just need help getting Salesforce set up and working optimally. And some clients work with us to change the way they do business from top to bottom, change their culture, their sales infrastructure or go-to-market, and emerge as a different company altogether that’s stronger and able to compete at a faster and higher level than ever before.”

Galvin explained that when companies buy Salesforce they typically have a specific business need like increasing sales or improving efficiency, and they aren’t necessarily looking for someone to come in and change the way they do business. That can start to evolve when Galvin Technologies consultants start probing with questions to gain insight into how the Salesforce platform will actually be used.

“I think that’s what really sets our company apart from others is our consultant’s ability to understand the business and help our clients get to where they want and need to go rather than just to execute on a set of specs and call it done,” Galvin said.

Galvin Technologies is currently hiring for Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Consultants. Both jobs are posted on the TechPoint Job Board.