While most of us don’t think about medical devices until we need one, there are medical device companies around the country that have them on their minds all the time. Companies like Greenlight Guru have established themselves as leaders in this space and have plenty to share about the topic. Greenlight Guru’s latest endeavor to take its expertise to the masses is the True Quality Roadshow.

From Boston to San Diego and from Minneapolis to Houston, Greenlight Guru plans to take their quality management software designed specifically for the medical device industry on a roadshow to tout the benefits of a focused, strategic plan for measuring the quality of medical devices.

Following its success in working with the FDA to publicize new regulations and policies through the Case for Quality Initiative, Greenlight Guru leadership wanted to talk more about what they’d been promoting to the greater community.

“We put together this roadshow to go out and talk about the new quality and regulatory changes and evangelize what the FDA is doing,” said Nick Tippmann, Greenlight Guru’s vice president of marketing. “We’re talking about all the benefits for patient safety and the effectiveness of medical devices when you put a focus on quality rather than just compliance.”

Every roadshow event is composed of three parts: a networking event, an educational panel and a fireside chat with company founder and VP of QA/RA (quality assurance and regulatory affairs) Jon Speer. Each segment dives deeper into the med tech community and provides thought leadership on how companies need to keep the quality of their devices at the forefront of their missions.

A panel of speakers sits on a stage with True Quality Roadshow displayed behind them.
Attendees of the roadshows can hear from experts during the event’s panel session. (Photo Credit: Greenlight Guru)

Central to the event is the networking component, which allows an audience that’s mainly connected online to meet in-person. Greenlight Guru conducts much of its business online, so the chance to get in front of both current and potential clients and offer face-to-face interactions is invaluable.

Kennedy Gennari, a marketing specialist with Greenlight Guru, spearheads the weeks-long planning process that goes into each event. “It’s an overall team effort; you need your entire team on your side,” she said. “It’s so important to be able to prove to the sales team that this is able to breed customer success. Even our developers have everybody on board with the purpose of the event.”

At the end of each roadshow, the company hopes that attendees walk away with feelings of connection, inspiration and education. “We hope that they learn from our panel, and that the content was valuable for them,” said Nick. “We hope that hearing stories from the different panelists of where they’re at will get people in their seats to do similar things.”

The eight cities chosen for the roadshow tour reflect med tech hotspots around the U.S. where Greenlight Guru can go and amplify its messaging. So far, the company has already conducted its pilot event in Indy and two roadshow events in Atlanta and Boston. Five more are slated to take place over the course of 2019. Along the way, the company is exposing out-of-towners to more of what Indiana’s tech scene has to offer. It’s a useful side benefit that coincides with Greenlight Guru’s desire to spread brand awareness in its niche.

This year’s roadshow tour is a first step in pioneering a new method for Greenlight Guru to get its message out to the world. While the company isn’t yet ready to commit to a fresh set of shows in 2020, Nick and the Greenlight Guru team are always thinking of how to maximize each roadshow’s potential. “This is an iterative process,” said Nick. “We like in-person events, we like bringing people together, and we like the positive brand association that it gives us. If we hit those three things that we’re looking for, the events will be a net positive for us.”

Upcoming dates for Greenlight Guru’s Total Quality Roadshow are:

  • Minneapolis, Minn. – June 13
  • San Francisco, Cal. – July 11
  • Houston, Tex. – Aug 29
  • Orange County, Cal. – Oct 3
  • San Diego, Cal. – Nov 14