Dear TechPoint Index Reader,

At the end of April 2018, we launched TechPoint Index, a brand new online resource to share stories of success, job openings, a company directory, and community events. We set out with our mission of helping the Indiana tech ecosystem to attract and retain talent, customers and capital, to engage with your peers, and to grow together as a community.

We’re now celebrating the Index’s first birthday, which—as several TechPoint babies and their parents can attest to—is an exciting time. Over the past year, our platform has evolved to better fit the community that the Index serves. And we’ll continue to develop an even better online resource with your help and support.

Since the Index and the new launched, more than 16,000 monthly users—most of whom return again and again—have visited nearly 800,000 pages overall. A combined audience of more than 32,000 people have subscribed to the TechPoint Index email for news, events, jobs and updates and engage with us on social media. These kinds of numbers tell us part of the story. At the heart of our work and these metrics, however, are the ones who truly drive our success: all of you, the members of our tech community.

You’ve posted more than 1,800 open jobs on our Job Board to create opportunities for new and returning hires to find their homes in Indiana tech.

You’ve opened your doors to new and veteran community members with more than 200 events on our Community Events page.

You’ve excited and enthralled readers and subscribers with more than 250 stories of success and growth that you’ve offered to our writers (or have shared yourselves as contributors).

You’ve amplified our messages, sharing content from our own events like the Mira Awards and Tech 25 Awards as well as our top-performing stories about companies, universities, people, capital, trends and news throughout Indiana.

You’ve helped us grow the Index into the full-service platform it is today, a reflection of the shared passions we have for accelerating our tech ecosystem. Thank you.

While we’re enjoying the Index’s first birthday, we’re already thinking about the second. We want to continue serving our tech community—and all of you who make it what it is—with the best content and opportunities to engage. To do this, we ask for your help.

We invite you to complete our Index readership survey. Give us feedback on what you’ve enjoyed about the Index, what you want to see from us in the future and where we can learn and grow.

Let’s work together to continue sharing the many aspects of technology in Indiana that make this state a vibrant place to work and live. We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come.