You read about Gusto here the day the email app launched with VERGE. Then you learned about their $1.3 million investment led by Elevate Ventures. Today, Gusto just leaped into the national spotlight with a stellar review by TechCrunch writer Sarah Perez.

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After a brief history of the Gusto origins and pivot, Perez provides a mini-profile of CEO Shawn Schwegman, who she describes as a 
technology industry vet with decades of experience and an “appetite for risk." Then she moves to the Gusto app calling it "fairly impressive for a such a young product," complete with mobile screen images that highlight some of the best features.

From the review —

As for the email client itself, it’s fairly impressive for such a young product. The app mimics the default Apple Mail app’s look and feel, with the same font, spacing, the little blue dots indicating unread messages, the bottom-right “Compose” button, swipe-to-archive gestures, and more – all which makes Gusto feel less foreign.

But then it augments the experience with tabs at the top where you can surface just the files or photos you’ve been emailed. You can tap a button on the bottom-left to change the view from the standard list to expanded messages to two rows of smaller thumbnails. You can pinch to expand the message-list view to show more lines of email text and then pinch again to return to the normal view.

You can also more easily attach files or photos when composing new emails, as Gusto can quickly surface the list of all those files already sent to you from the attachment interface. The files are listed by date and are searchable.

And most importantly, you can tap the search icon in Gusto for access to a very precise search feature that lets you narrow down a keyword search by mail account, folder, date, read status, attachments, or other metadata when searching for files and photos.

Schwegman reports "we’ve had a few hundred Gusto Accounts created just in the last few hours, since the news broke on TechCrunch … #AwesomeSauce!"

That pretty much says it all.

You can download the Gusto email app free on iTunes.