Spotlighting angel investors or investment firms who bring capital plus outstanding connections, advice and attention to Indiana tech companies

One of the greatest aspects of the Indiana technology ecosystem is that there is so much belief in what we’re doing locally. Whether that’s shown through support from other local organizations or partners; or through continuing to “buy local” and do business with Indiana-based tech companies instead of just looking elsewhere; or though directly investing in these home-grown companies; Indiana tech companies (and the investment firms behind them) are a force to be reckoned with. 

The Investor of the Year award spotlights angel investors or investment firms who bring capital plus outstanding connections, advice and attention to Indiana tech companies. This award category recognizes all types of investors who bet on Indiana tech companies and serve as critical mentors and connectors.

Last year saw tremendous growth from Indiana tech companies. As Indiana continues to be positioned as a leader in the tech industry, more and more capital is being funneled into our ecosystem. We are proud to showcase seven nominees who not only understand the value of Indiana technology companies, but who are actively invested in them. Many of these nominees are based in Indiana and surrounding areas, and more investment capital firms are choosing to open offices in Indiana because of the high level of activity and talent here. 

In 2019, the Investor of the Year award was presented to Indianapolis’s own Allos Ventures. For three years running, Allos was the most active venture capital firm in Indiana. They’ve fostered the VC climate in Indianapolis with over $100 million under their management. Since winning in 2019, Allos has closed a $52 million fund, its latest, Allos III. They are looking to use this money to support high-growth Midwest software companies and to expand their portfolio to include more Midwest entrepreneurs.

In 2018, the award winner was Indianapolis-based High Alpha. In only 30 months since they launched, High Alpha had invested $11.4 million in Indianapolis tech companies. They also managed to bring in help from out-of-state investors to reach Indiana tech. Their community commitment has paved the way for outside investment into Indiana tech.

At the beginning of 2020, High Alpha secured $2.35 million in seed funding for Casted, a software-as-a-service firm that markets a platform for branded podcasts. Not only are they investing in Indiana tech, but they are helping to improve the life of Hoosiers with their launch of Relay, a mobile app that allows citizens to report non-emergency incidents to local public safety agencies.

This year’s nominees include:

  • Edison Partners (Princeton, NJ) Edison Partners helps teams grow and scale successful companies through a combination of growth capital and the Edison Edge platform.
  • Elevate Ventures  (Indianapolis, IN) Elevate Ventures’ overriding purpose is to elevate Indiana’s entrepreneurism and innovation velocity. With $14.2M deployed through 76 different opportunities, 2019 was another record-breaking year.
  • Victor Gutwein, Managing Partner, M25 (Greater Chicago, IL) In 2019, M25 invested in their 10th Indiana-based startup, exited two Indiana startups and opened up an Indianapolis office.
  • HG Ventures (Indianapolis, IN) Corporate venture arm of The Heritage Group, investing and partnering with companies developing advanced materials & sustainable technology.
  • Innovatemap Ventures (Indianapolis, IN)  Innovatemap Ventures invests in founders we believe in to build the product vision they believe in.
  • IU Ventures (Bloomington, IN)    IU Ventures re-connects founders, investors and entrepreneurs to Indiana by investing in high potential new ventures and supporting innovations from faculty, students, and alums of Indiana University.
  • Ade Olonoh, Venture Partner, Starting Line (Chicago, IL) — Entrepreneur / Investor. Founder of @Formstack, @Formspring, Venture Partner @StartingLineVC.

The 2020 Mira Award winners will be announced live on a special broadcast during the 21st gala on Thursday, June 18, with presenting sponsors Eli Lilly and Company, Genesys, Infosys, Raytheon and Salesforce. Thousands are expected to watch the live broadcast on social media platforms and via Zoom VIP room watch parties.

Get more information about the broadcast here. Join us on June 18 for the unveiling of the Investor of the Year Mira Award winner.