In the past five years, TechPoint has offered in-person training programs and online resources to skill-up current tech talent and increase their access to tech companies.

Yet we constantly kept getting this question directed to us from college students, new grads, and career changers: “What kind of tech jobs exist?”

To better, and more comprehensively, answer that question, TechPoint today launched a new online product that makes use of our deep ties within the local tech community.

Jobs in Tech 101 educates and informs job seekers about the skills, interests and abilities that align with common jobs within tech companies. Located within the TechPoint website, this product does more than simply list open jobs. It also:

  • Demystifies the Indiana tech sector by answering, “What is a tech company?”
  • Gives an overview of the types of occupations and jobs in the tech industry
  • Describes the personal attributes need for various tech jobs to help job seekers determine their fit with a role
  • Lists necessary skills, interests and abilities needed for the jobs
  • Describes typical daily responsibilities in each job type
  • Includes feature stories of real Hoosiers who are currently filling jobs at Indiana tech companies
  • Includes links to jobs posted on TechPoint’s Job Board that are currently open and available for applications

After accessing Jobs in Tech 101, job seekers can expect to:

  • Better align their personal and professional interests and current skills with currently available jobs
  • See Indiana tech companies that hire those types of jobs
  • Learn from current tech employees about what tech jobs require.

TechPoint’s extensive knowledge of and relationships with tech and tech-enabled companies in Indiana allows us to build this product. To determine which positions to focus on, TechPoint analyzed 1,800 job postings from its job board on TechPoint Index and the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*Net database. We also consulted with more than 50 Indiana tech professionals to gain real-life insights.

Opportunities on the Jobs in Tech 101 site are sorted into these occupation families: Product Development, Data Science, Design, IT & Cybersecurity, Customer Success, Support, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR & Office Administration.

More than 80 tech companies are represented on Jobs in Tech 101, including Angie’s List, Carbonite, Cummins, DemandJump, Eli Lilly, Genesys, Infosys, Salesforce, Sallie Mae, Tangoe, Zylo and more. Those and dozens of other local companies use the TechPoint Job Board to promote open positions. The current list of tech jobs posted to TechPoint’s Job Board are available here.

More than 60 individual profiles of people who work in tech are also linked to the Jobs in Tech 101 product. These stories share a wide range of career paths, degrees and educational backgrounds, and personal experiences, while also offering resources for how people can educate themselves further in their respective occupation.

Additional information such as compensation information and educational pathways to tech careers will be added to the site in the coming months.

Please share this resource with those you know who are looking to launch a career in tech or who are ready to shift career gears. Together, we can help bring great talent to help meet demand now and in the future. Visit for more information.